Am I too old for this?

I didn’t start worrying about age up until the last couple years. Closer to 40 than 30, I wondered if it’s too late for me to start a business.

Then I found this post by James Ashcroft:

“Robert Noyce started Intel at the age of 41. Ray Kroc was 52 when he started franchising a small burger stand that became the McDonalds empire. Colonel Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken when most are winding their careers down. He was 65.

It’s so easy to compartmentalize decades in to success buckets and judge ourselves against where we think society wants us to be in our 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond.

But we are all different. We all grow, both physically and psychologically, at different rates. Success and fulfillment happen at different times too.

There are so many factors in play.

So if you’re 40 and are starting something new, try not to time travel back to regret. You could live until 90. You will have 50 years ahead of you to find your stride so focus on the present. Dive within. Ask the right questions to get the right answers.”

So, I guess it’s never too late.