Do processes make or break a business?

It’s said we can only make about 80 major decisions per day. When we use processes to streamline tasks, we save our decision power for high priority efforts.

Although, processes aren’t a be-all end-all. They need to evolve.

I recently cancelled a software platform due to technical issues.

Within my cancellation request, I explained why I was cancelling.

Yet, when the support agent confirmed cancellation, she replied “If you have a sec, would you mind letting us know why you decided to cancel your account, or if there are any aspects we can help clarify?”

Either this response was part of a template that wasn’t removed, or she didn’t take the time to read my original request.

Both are a failure in serving a customer.

Following processes and using templates are good, but only if the process or template is good.

Service is rarely black and white, and processes don’t account for gray areas.

Don’t get stuck following a broken process. Go with with your gut and what feels right, because that’s what makes us who we are.