Do you ever grapple with doing it right vs. doing it on time?

Me too. The perfectionist side of me wants everything dialed in. The task orientated side wants to meet the deadline

I like how Andy Sernovitz explains it…

You have a choice how to get there: Launch quick, launch big, or launch great.

▶️ You can hit a deadline, feel proud, and get a thumbs up from the boss (or investors).
▶️ You can follow the very trendy strategy of “minimum viable product” and launch something that’s just OK and make it better later (if people will give you another chance).
▶️ Or — you can do what you need to do to get it right, which takes patience and enough cash to hold out until you’re ready.

In the end, the great product that makes happy customers is the one that wins.

Having patience doesn’t mean to be complacence. Keep driving forward with gusto and enthusiasm to get it done right and you’ll never wonder, “what if…?”.