Do you really want a phone full of apps?

Back in the old days, I shopped at CompUSA. They had these bargain boxes with half-off software.

I’d grab a few of the latest games and utility programs and excitedly install on my computer.

Some came with five or six floppy disks, and you have to insert one after the other to install the program.

It was common that one of the disks didn’t work, or your computer was missing a driver. If you did get it installed, you’d need to update it to the latest version.

It wasn’t smooth.

Then the “cloud”. You didn’t buy software in the store anymore. You didn’t install on your computer.

You accessed it through your web browser.

Mobile phone apps are those old floppy disks. And most are never used.

Let’s focus instead on progressive web apps. Apps that aren’t installed on your phone. You access them through a web browser, and they act like an app without the side-effects.