Don’t Ever Give Up

You may lack education, skill, or experience, but you don’t lack perseverance.

It was one of the hottest, windiest days in California’s history. I was midway through a 12 mile hike. The last 6 miles most challenging due to elevation equivalent to walking up 86 flights of stairs at the Empire State building.

The heat was sweltering, over 100 degrees. No tree cover and wicked winds you could nearly lean into without falling forward.

I was out of water and my legs were cramped due to dehydration. As I fought against the wind – and my own physical discomfort – I thought about putting one foot in front of the other. Taking one small step, as slow as it was, I would keep moving forward.

In that moment I realized that although the path seemed insurmountable, I would eventually reach the top.

After thousands of small steps, I reached the top. I was rewarded with beautiful vistas and endless ocean.

It was worth it.

What I learned: you may not be prepared or have the proper training, but you need to tuck your chin and weather the storm because you must continue moving forward.

The thing is, once you reach the top, you want another more challenging hike that is higher and pushes you further.

My life has been one giant hike.