Focus on delivery before execution

As I was writing a post today, I was interrupted by my phone. It was flashing and vibrating letting me know I had a call. Since I use a call blocker, only existing contacts get the flash and vibrate treatment.

However, the company calling was clever. They used a 5 digit phone number to bypass my call blocker (which apparently only works with 10 digit numbers).

Curious, I picked up. A man introduced himself. I introduced myself back. He asked how I was. I asked how I could help. Then he lost me. He was calling about a domain name I just registered. I immediately hung up. I knew he was selling web design services.

They executed beautifully. They got through my safe guards and got me on the phone. They dropped the ball on delivery.

Instead of following a script, they should have learned who I was and why I registered the domain name. For the time it took me to answer the call, they could have learned enough to pique my interest.

Amazing execution won’t matter if your delivery is flat.