How to average a 62% open rate on emails…

I’ve been email marketing for many years. Going back to good old AOL and using “proggies”. 3rd party programs that allowed you to “mass mail” on AOL (because that’s how people got online).

I’ve used dozens of email marketing platforms. Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, Interspire, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and more.

All good systems with a variety of powerful features. Although, I noticed that when I sent emails out through these platforms, the open rates were always different. So I performed a simple test.

I took my list and sent them a similar message using my personal Gmail account. Not a support, newsletter, or info email address, but my actual email address that goes directly to my inbox.

The results? Open rates went from an average of 15% to 62%, replies increased, and meaningful conversations ensued.

This approach won’t work in all use cases, but I’m often reminded that I’m emailing people, and people like to talk with other people. And the more I can identify myself as relatable, the greater my opportunity to developing meaningful conversations.

I’m sharing how to use this system yourself during a workshop next Wednesday the 17th from 2 – 5 pm PDT. See link below in comments to learn more.