How to connect with others when you suck at connecting with others…

I’m an introvert. And up until a year ago, I wasn’t making any effort to connect with new people.

It wasn’t until we decided to sell our business that I started thinking about my future.

Questions like:
What will I do?
Are there any interesting opportunities?

And then, “who do I know?”

I quickly realized I didn’t have many connections outside my business. It was a small pool, with few opportunities.

So, over the past year, as we were going through due diligence, I started building my network on LinkedIn. An hour before work and two hours after work. Commenting, connecting, and reading. I followed Gary Vaynerchuk advice and started documenting and publishing content.

Slowly but surely, my network grew. My number of opportunities grew. And the question went from “what will I do” to “what shouldn’t I do”. There were too many opportunities.

My secret weapon in all this? Sending an email to new connections.

I didn’t add them to a newsletter. I wasn’t spamming them. And I didn’t sell them anything. I sent a short and simple email to introduce myself.

Thousands of emails later, I’m ready to share my process with you.

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