How to get suspended from LinkedIn…

I was sent a screenshot by a new connection (see below).

I received a similar notice from MySpace over a decade ago. For those that remember, MySpace was one of the first “social networks”.

I was unilaterally banned in what was perhaps their biggest asset, and greatest downfall, their customized profile page. And, by “customized”, I mean you could add HTML and CSS code to your profile.

Everyone’s profile looked different. Some were bright and bold, others were dark and dreary. Bad layout, animated images, and dozens of different font styles, made most dizzying and difficult to browse.

I went a different route. I removed everything from my profile, it was a blank white canvas, literally. Including their ads. That was a big no-no, and they banned my account.

Fortunately (for us design minded folks), LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to customize profiles.

And they don’t want your running automated bots.

Be careful who’s advice you follow and what tools you use.

Sometimes the end doesn’t justify the means.