How to improve recruitment

Follow in the footsteps of Community Health Network, and use text messaging.

Hiring in the healthcare industry is extremely competitive. Due to our aging population and explosive growth in medical spending, healthcare now boasts the largest source of careers in the U.S.

To recruit the best clinical and admin employees, Community Health Network needed to recruit differently. They needed to stand out and connect with applicants in a way that applicants prefer.

Text messaging provided the edge recruiters needed.

Here’s the response rate based upon recruitment tool:

▶️ Email/phone: 45% – 60%
▶️ Text message: 83%

Text messages generated a 23% – 38% greater response rate than email and phone. A massive improvement, but not the only benefit.

For Community Health Network, lag time in email and phone responses could be as much as 72 hours. Yet with text, most messages are read within minutes.

Greater open rates, higher response rates, virtually zero lag, and secure, text message is a powerful digital health tool.