Insights in a Crisis

Yea, there’s a lot of negative news right now. Here’s some positive news: this crisis has become a catalyst for telecommuting. Many professionals are learning what it’s like to work from home now.

That and we’re coming together as a GLOBAL community. Like you, I’ve seen a lot of fear based news. The amount of rumors, speculation, and hysteria is overwhelming. Below is an updated collection of positive, uplifting resources from some amazing individuals.

We need to continue moving forward as best we can. Calm, cool heads and open hearts will prevail.

  • Don’t make excuses from Jeb Blount – on this special unscripted and uncut podcast, Jeb Blount discusses why it is is so easy to make excuses during the unprecedented Coronavirus crisis. Excuses though can be addicting, like a drug, the more excuses you make the easier it is to keep making them. Instead of excuses, you should double down on discipline and focus on the only three things you can control.
  • Persevering in times of uncertainty from Tony Robbins – Winter doesn’t last forever. Spring always follows. We will spring back to normal life, like we always do, like we’ve done for centuries. And when we do, will you be prepared? Are you trained for future challenges? I always say: The meeting of preparation and opportunity generates the offspring we call luck. In every crisis lies opportunity. People who are successful are not lucky; they are just prepared for opportunities that come their way. Anticipation is power.
  • Corona Virus: How To Survive The Storm from Russell Brunson – uplifting podcast from ClickFunnels CEO on how to look for opportunity and remain positive.