Looking for a job? First, change your mindset

A number of messages come from those seeking a job. Many of them start with, “Can you help me find a job?”. Some include a plea, “Please let me know if you can help me in anyway.”

Here are a few tips that will help:

  1. Search for a “career” instead of a job
    A job is something you do to make quick money. A career is a life long commitment to professional progress
    For example, I had a job pulling up lobster traps on a boat. My career is in SaaS product development
  2. Do research before asking for help
    Know your role. What companies you want to work for, and who the key people are
  3. Never ask for open-ended “help”, instead be specific
    Don’t make the person you’re asking for help figure out how to help you
    For example, “If you were hiring for this role, would you hire me based upon my resume?”

If you’re seeking a tech career and don’t have experience, create an account on freelancer, upwork, or fiverr and get some.

Finally, be patient. Finding an amazing career takes time. It takes persistence, and it takes having a positive attitude.

Everyone has value, the trick is finding how yours aligns with someone else’s.