Monitoring your teams stress

As a leader, I’m always worried about my teams stress. Not only for their own wellbeing, but for my company’s.

Costs for work-related stress is estimated @ $300B/year.

I know creating a healthier environment will improve my teams lives. Personally and professionally.

There are fun perks like comped gym memberships, in-house chair massages, and healthier vending options.

For those on a budget, less costly perks include meditation apps like Headspace for teams, or Calm.

But, something as simple as switching donuts with fruits and veggies makes a difference .

Apparently, stock appreciation for 45 companies increased to 235% for companies that followed “best practice” wellness programs, compared to 159% of those that didn’t

If you don’t make the change for your team, do it for your company.

And do it for your country ? There was a $876 reduction in annual health care costs for employees who participated in a weight-management program.