Need organization in your life?

I read about 20 articles a day. From a dozen different sources. I take pictures, record audio, and hatch ideas on an hourly basis. The biggest threat? Not finding what I saved!

When I’m writing a post, I’ll refer to saved articles. Or maybe I’m meeting someone for tea and want to share a podcast they’d like.

Enter Evernote.

Evernote is your “digital brain”. It stores your content and makes it easier to find.

I’ve been a paid user for years. Before Evernote, I used WebResearch (not active), and before that, OneNote.

Why did Evernote triumph?

Ubiquitous access.

Just like NetFlix, they developed their software in the cloud, and made it accessible from any browser, operating system, or device.

➡ Why to use: find important content you’ve saved, quickly
➡ Key benefits: works everywhere, powerful categorization
➡ History: launched in ’08, raised $290M since
➡ Ease-of-use: Simple
➡ Comparable: OneNote
➡ Drawbacks: resource hog, search needs work
➡ Cost: Free (with limits)

“…you can’t make the world a better place if nobody remembers what you did.” – Stepan Pachikov (Evernote Founder)