Sleeping in a teepee cost more than a motel room…

Recently, I took a cross country trip to document seven national parks. One of the parks was in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We didn’t plan where to sleep each night. We’d drive to our destination then scout around for availability. As we were driving into the Rocky Mountains national park, we passed a trove of teepees, then did a u-turn.

These teepees were bare-bones. No running water. No bathroom. No heat or A/C. No bed. Basically, canvas over your head and Astroturf under your back. It was perfect.

For what I paid for the teepee, we could have found a Motel 6 for less. But, the experience of sleeping in a teepee is fun and memorable. Not sure the same can be said for Motel 6. 😉

Alternative lodging options like yurts, safari tents, teepees, and tiny homes give you less materially, but more to remember.

You don’t always need the latest and greatest to attract an audience. Sometimes less is more.

And delivering a unique experience is paramount.