Stack a side hustle within a side hustle…

Some ride-sharing hustlers are making more than their fare.

Uber recently partnered with Cargo, a company that provides products-on-the-go for drivers to resell.

Each Cargo box is unique to the city and could include snacks, electronics, and other accessories.

A viable option for passengers who are running from meeting to meeting, or coming back from a late night rendezvous.

I’m unclear why drivers use Cargo rather than buy wholesale and resell themselves, but it’s netting some drivers up to $300/month.

Then there’s the story about Uber driver Gavin Escolar who reported making $250k+ in 2015 reselling jewelery to his passengers.

Point being, some creative hustlers are using one side hustle to generate revenue for another.

In my small town of San Luis Obispo, Uber drivers make up to $100 a night transporting college students from bar to home.

They could transport up to 20 students a shift. Some would buy snacks and non-alcoholic drinks on their way home.

Perhaps a few would even buy a Morning Recovery drink to reduce the effects of binge drinking all night.

Think about how to make your customers life more convenient, and you’ll find an opportunity to make more money.