STAND OUT when applying for a career opportunity…

Nearly everyday, someone asks, “Lou, would you help me find a job…”

So, I came up with a list of recommendations:

1. Have a pro edit your resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter
Not your mom or dad, unless they’re editors. It needs to be polished

2. Make sure your previous experience aligns with the career responsibilities and requirements
Not good if you’re a designer applying to be a product manager. Don’t apply for roles that require an MBA if you don’t have one

3. Physically mail in your application to hiring executive
“But it’s easier to apply online!” – yes it is, but see point below. Buy an envelope, a stamp, print a few pages, and mail it

4. Don’t submit an application online – that’s the fastest way to lose the opportunity
Hundreds of people apply online. Bless the souls who have to sort through them all. If you want to stand out, contact the hiring executive

Many people will disagree with these recommendations. That’s why I recommend them – they’re controversial and you’ll likely be remembered.

Set your expectations – depending on the role, you’re likely to get a very low response rate. Maybe 1-2 out of 10.

But you’ll STAND OUT.