Tired of Google Calendar defaulting meetings to Google Meet?

Between phone calls, Zoom, Google Meet, and myriad other conferencing options, it’s easy to get meeting details mixed up, which can lead to missed potential opportunities. Especially when Google Calendar secretly defaults all meetings to Google Meet.

I was waiting, patiently, on a Zoom call for a meeting. 5 mins go by, then 10. I’m wondering, “was I stood up again?” I decided to check my email, and I saw a note from my guest. He was waiting for me on Google Meet, while I was waiting on Zoom. I thought I sent him a Zoom link. I double checked the invite, and somehow a Google Meet link was sent too. Apparently, Google defaults every calendar invitation with a Meet link. Whoops, bad on me for not catching it.

Would you Like to use Zoom or another option besides Google Meet within your Google calendar invite? You can disable Google Calendar from defaulting Google Meet on every invite.

See the quick tutorial below to fix it once and for all.