Triumph Change, Enjoy the Journey

12 years ago I left New York to discover a new city.

A place where I had no friends or family.

But I knew I needed change to improve my life.

When I made it to California, I knew this was the change I needed. Although I moved to California on my own, working for myself, I found my home working for someone else.

And within two years of being hired at a web agency, I was promoted to Vice President. I was overseeing an amazing team of designers, developers and marketers.

It was a smart move. I joined the company during a growth stage. Took responsibility for hiring, developing, and managing my own team. I planned our marketing, managed our client projects, and helped with sales. I was having a blast.

All it took was reaching out to the right company. One who would empower me and support my vision.

When you define what it is you want, you’re so much closer to getting it.

Nearly a decade later, and I was ready for another change. We sold the company for seven-figures and I moved to my next challenge.

Don’t be scared of change.

To be successful, you must triumph change as an opportunity to improve.