Leverage the latest, innovative marketing technologies for your business. From text messaging, email and social media to voice, search engine marketing and marketplaces.

MarTech Consulting Opportunity

Who is this for?
CEO’s, business owners, engineers, product developers, or project managers who need help understanding and incorporating technology like omnichannel messaging.

Business has entered an age where marketing is mandatory, and it’s driven through digital touchpoints, including search, website, reviews, social media, marketplaces, and messaging.

You realize your business needs to embrace marketing technology, you just don’t know where to begin. From dozens of social media platforms, to myriad messaging options like text and email, where do you start and how do you maintain momentum?

I Can Help

Whether you’re implementing a strategy from the ground up, or need help improving an existing one, I can help you leverage the latest technologies to scale your business and develop your digital property. Here’s how:

  • Clarify your marketing technology goals
  • Increase marketing effectiveness
  • Develop marketing automation systems
  • Create brand ambassadors
  • Develop friction-free ad campaigns
  • Incorporate technology into existing campaigns
  • Automate tedious and manual processes
  • Train your team

I can help strategize, organize, and develop a clear roadmap for leveraging marketing technology, or update an existing plan, saving you from missing the online land grab of the 21st century.


Consulting is done online and through calls anywhere in the world. In some cases, in-person meetings will be scheduled for intensive analysis.

  • All engagements begin with a free 30 min call to explore opportunities
  • Engagement plans are personalized based upon your needs, starting at $10,000
  • Expenses for design, engineering, and marketing are not included

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Create clarity on your current marketing technology strategy. Get recommendations for implementing technology to improve your marketing campaigns.

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