Organize engineering operations so your new platform is delivered on time, to spec and within budget. For existing platforms, refine your roadmap with innovative technology solutions.

SaaS Consulting Opportunity

Who is this for?
CEO’s, business owners, engineers, product developers, or project managers who need help creating a SaaS platform or refining their existing platform for future growth.

Empower your team, enhance your technology, solve your client’s problems, and create a friction-free business.

How does it work?
Each platform is unique, but the friction-free formula remains the same: create compelling marketing to attract leads, fine-tune a sales pitch to convert them, and provide amazing service to retain them.

I Can Help

Whether you’re building a new SaaS platform from the ground up, or need help improving an existing one, I can provide a platform your team and your clients will love. Here’s how:

  • Clarify your platform goals
  • Increase your MRR
  • Expand feature/benefit set
  • Develop a moat to retain clients longer
  • Create platform ambassadors
  • Develop friction-free operations
  • Create additional revenue sources
  • Document feature benefits
  • Become a best-of-breed platform
  • Empower your team

SaaS Experience

20 years ago, my career aspiration was to build and launch an eCommerce website. At that time most people didn’t have an email address, and to register a domain name required mailing an application (yeah, with a stamp). I was amazed by how you could sell products to people worldwide with something as simple as a website. I’ve since:

  • Led two companies to seven-figure acquisitions
  • Helped clients 2X to 10X+ online sales using innovative technology
  • Developed a SaaS messaging platform responsible for transacting $8M+ in ARR
  • Developed a SaaS marketing and reputation platform that generated over seven-figures its first year
  • Set up marketing automation systems for SaaS platforms and high-ticket sales
  • Earned 2016 Fastest-Growing Technology Companies award from Deloitte LLP
  • Earned multiple design awards from The Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts

French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said, “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” SaaS development is a careful balance of removing bloat and retaining essentials.

The friction-free SaaS formula: create compelling marketing to attract leads, fine-tune a sales pitch to convert them, and provide amazing service to retain them.

Building a leading-edge SaaS platform takes time. It takes understanding your purpose, creating a hook, and developing amazing marketing that attracts users.

Good companies follow the curve, great companies create it. There’s no special formula or blueprint to follow, each SaaS platform is unique and stands on its own. Understanding new and pending innovations, usability design, and user preference is key.

Online & In-Person Experience

Consulting is done online and through calls anywhere in the world. In some cases, in-person meetings will be scheduled for intensive analysis.

  • All engagements begin with a free 30 min call to explore opportunities
  • Engagement plans are personalized based upon your needs, starting at $10,000
  • Expenses for design, engineering, and marketing are not included

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Gain clarity on your platform potential from an outsider, understand which innovative technology can be implemented to increase MRR, and receive practical tips to improve traction.

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