Write better emails with these 5 steps…

For many emails, we need to communicate our message and convey a call-to-action as succinctly as possible.

Here’s how in 5 easy steps:

1. Prioritize. Include the most important information at the start of your message. Specifically, the subject line and first sentence. Try to convey your message in a single sentence.

2. Be selective. Send emails to those who need to see it. Remove those that aren’t necessary. You’re not saving trees, but you’re saving something more valuable: their time and attention 🙂

3. Accessibility. Include references as links or attachments. Make them easy for others to access.

4. Understandable. Read your email out loud to verify it’s easy for others to follow and then take action.

5. Simplify. Break complex concepts into small topics that are easy to digest.

We can’t force people to open our emails, but if we make them easier to read, we improve our chances of getting a response.