WTF LinkedIn?

One of my favorite LinkedIn features that differentiated them from every other social network was recently (and quietly) removed: the ability to download your connections email addresses.

One problem with LinkedIn is the Messages page. Since they removed message content in email notifications, and forced users to login to see the content (see image below), I’m sure they increased visits, but they also increased inconvenience.

There’s also confusion between “Messages” and “InMail”. They both live in the same place, but neither offers open results, so it’s hard to know if your message is being read. And again, replies require logging in.

There’s no question that we all spend more time in our email inbox than LinkedIn Messaging. Why not double-down on facilitating direct connections?

Some say this is good, since it prevents email spam. Well, I say that if you agreed to connect with someone, they can connect with you. Email, phone, LinkedIn – it’s all a means to distribute a message.

Does it really matter where the message comes from?

One step of many in the last few months that shows LinkedIn following in the footsteps of Facebook.